Shark Links: Policy and Stance

Policy and Stance

Shark Links Policy:

We the Slickers of the blog Shark Links, in order to form a more perfect blog, do ordain and establish the Statutes of Sharks.
  1. The first rule is that you do not kill, consume, buy, sell, deface, injure, strongly interfere with, bother troublesomely, waste a substantial amount of energy of, fear, despise, belittle, condescend, put in danger, or fail to help any shark, skate, or ray at any time, place, event, or institution (unless for scientific purposes that would substantially benefit rather than harm any population) no matter the premise or whether you will be put in danger.
  2. All persons, no matter their stance, shall be given the right to free speech unless by spam.
  3. Any person considered to be a troll will be given ten comments maximum. The number of responses to trolls will end at three.
  4. Posts should remain on topic to the best of the postee's ability.
  5. The administrator shall have the power to enforce these statutes by necessary and proper action.
  6. The administrator may make changes to the statutes at any time.
  7. The enumeration of policies shall not be construed to deny the existence of other rules.
  8. The administrator may make policies that are necessary and proper to carry out stated policies.
  9. The administrator shall from time to time give to constituents, bigots, and various others information of the State of the Superorder, and recommend to the consideration of others such actions as the administrator shall judge necessary and expedient.
  10. This Statutes of Sharks was last amended and changed on 01 / 30 / 2011.
Our Stance at Shark Links:

As a former Chum Slicker, I have the personality of Sharky, so I am very tongue in cheek. I myself am an asshole. I will probably slander a few people now and then, but it is for their own good. If I can alert you to an environmental issue, article, YouTube video, petition, or other form of media about sharks with poopy pants humor and dick jokes, fine. Whether it is true or not, it is all propaganda--all of it. I for one am a pretty strong liberal and as an exemplification, I am strongly against shark finning, sport fishing, atrocities against any other animal, and numerous other despicable practices.

As written by Sharky:

Hey Smart Ass, Set Up Your Own Blog! Do you think we are close-minded blow hards? Blog about it. ... That's it, everything else on the internet takes two claspers at once.

If you do not agree with us, you can drop us a line at
I look forward to your groveling!