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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Causes Devastation in Kesennuma City, Japan

As you may already know, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan on March 11, 2011. The tsunami created by the earthquake completely destroyed coastal cities. Here's the video from Kesennuma City.

Starting at 00:12 you can see something familiar:

The "Kesennuma Rias Shark Museum":

     Remember the articles on Alex Hofford's blog? Japan's Shark Fin Capital, Kesen-numa City from
A quick walk around the town, reveals a parallel universe, where even the most basic concepts of marine conservation do not exist. Just a stone's throw from the dock, is the 'Kesen-numa Rias Shark Museum', which visitors enter through a giant set of shark jaws. Once inside, tourists are first confronted by real copies of faded front pages of tabloid newspapers from around the world that sensationalize shark attacks on swimmers. Make no mistake, sharks are bad, evil, a threat to humanity and they should be eradicated from the face of the earth, the headlines, and so it seems the museum's message screams at us. This despite the fact that humans are statistically far more likely to die from crossing the road, than from an attack by a shark. After passing exhibits relating to the natural history of sharks at the half way mark, visitors leaving the museum pass a glass display box filled with all kinds of products one can make from shark; shark fin soup in a can, shark cartilage pills which are supposedly good for joint pain, and hand-crafted handbags made from shark leather. But not a word about conservation and the critical situation facing global shark stocks due to over-fishing.
Not too far away from that museum sharks were being finned on a massive scale:
     While the devastation caused by the earthquake, tsunami, subsequent fires, and potentially catastrophic nuclear disaster is heartbreaking, "It's almost, kind of an ironic, poetic justice. Like a fuck you from the world's oceans." states a good friend of mine. "...still sad to see the devastation though." I guess the [Oceans] hydropumped it's fucking dick up [Kesennuma City's] ass--as told by Destiny from Starcraft. This is Karma at it's finest. More images of the genocide can be found on our Atrocity Page.

Isn't it time Kesen-numa City, Japan's dirty little shark secret, was shut down too?

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---> Calvin Requin <---